Rimas is the result of the encounter between Florencia Masri and Ricky Pashkus. Years of experience in production and artistic creativity have united them to produce and create musical theater shows.



“The encounter with Florencia Masri at this moment in my life is the best and most important thing that could have happened to me. Presenting foreign and national musicals during difficult times is a dream that only this union could give me. It will be a fundamental contribution for all.”




¨Musical theater has always been a passion of mine and being able to dabble/participate/produce alongside someone as talented and creative as Ricky is an enormous privilege and pleasure”.


Ricky Pashkus

Choreographer, Educator and Director
He has directed shows such as: “The Producers”, “Hairspray”,”42 Street”, “Sweeney Todd”, “I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change”, “A Chorus Line”, and “La Cage aux Folles”, among others.
In addition to his role as director, he is the creator of the following contests and awards: “Los Premios Hugo”, “Los Premios Chucaros” , and the tv show and contest “Argentina Baila”.
He has been distinguished for his extensive artistic trajectory, as a recognized cultural figure awarded with various ACE, Trinidad Guevara,and Estrella de mar accolades along with many other recognitions.
Since the creation of Rimas he directed ¨A Chorus Line¨ and will soon premiere “ ̈Primeras Damas el Musical” and “Kinky Boots”.

Florencia Masri

A lover of the arts, with a long history of passion for musical theater, Florencia in addition is a real estate businesswoman in New York City. She runs the long-standing company which her father founded 40 years ago. She is also a mother to six kids.
The encounter with Ricky Pashkus gave her the possibility of not only realizing her passions, but most importantly creating an amazing association, in which both sides compliment and nurture each other, create, produce and direct their resources to theatrical production.
Since the creation of Rimas she has participated in the production of “A Chorus Line” and will soon produce “Primeras Damas el Musical” and Kinky Boots.”