With production by Javier Faroni and direction by Ricky Pashkus, the prized Broadway musical “A Chorus Line” arrives the 9th of January to the Maipo theatre.

The cast is composed of: Laura Conforte, Martín Ruiz, Sofía Pachano, Gustavo Wons, Jessica Abouchain, Mariana Barcia, Evelyn Basile, Menelik Cambiaso, Juan Martín Delgado, Nicolás Di Pace, Clara Lanzani, Martina Loyato, Juan José Marco, Emi Obrn, Matías Prieto Peccia, Nicolás Repetto and Mariu Fernández.

“Chorus Line” is a musical about a select and talented group of artists who participate in the audition to be a part of an important Broadway musical; the chorus line is being chosen, the ensemble, for which they must give their all and more. They must dance, sing, and act, but must also open up their hearts, as that’s what the demanding director will ask for.
The plot shows the personalities of the dancers and the director and choreographer of the show, as they tell us the events that shaped their lives and the decision which made them dancers. A brave display of talent which will move your heart and will express that above all… following our dreams is the necessary choice, most of all in these hard times.
Created, directed and choreographed by Micheal Bennet, the script was written by James Kirkwood Jr. and Nicholas Dante, the lyrics by Edward Kleban and the music by Marvin Hamlilsch. Taken to the stage on April 1975, it became one of the big hits in viewers and critical acclaim in the United States and in the rest of the world, running for nearly 15 uninterrupted years on the Broadway Billboard.
The unprecedented success which conquered from its premier made it so that it was nominated for 15 Tony Awards, of which it won 9, along with a Pulitzer para for Drama in 1976. A box office phenomena, it brought in nearly $277 million US dollars with the sale of nearly 6.5 million tickets, and being the longest running show in the history of Broadway until its closing performance in 1990. Until today, it still stands as the longest running musical originally produced in the United States.
“A Chorus Line” resulted In hundreds of versions around the world over more than 30 years and had a relaunch on Broadway in 2006, 16 years after closing and 31 years after the original [premier]. Presented between Octobre 2006 and August 2008, the musical once again won popularity in the new generacion, recovering its initial investment of $8 million US dollars in only 19 weeks, along with being nominated for various Tony Awards.

El éxito sin precedentes que conquistó desde su estreno hizo con que fuera nominado para doce premios Tony, de los cuales ganó nueve, además del Premio Pulitzer para Drama de 1976. Fenómeno también de taquilla, recaudando cerca de US$ 277 millones a través de la venta de más de 6,5 millones de entradas, y siendo el espectáculo de más larga duración en la historia de la Broadway hasta salir de cartel en 1990. Hasta hoy es el musical de mayor duración producido originalmente en Estados Unidos.
“Chorus Line” produjo centenares de montajes alrededor del mundo por más de treinta años y tuvo un relanzamiento en Broadway en 2006, dieciséis años después del cierre y treinta y un años después del original. Presentado entre octubre de 2006 y agosto de 2008, el musical volvió a conquistar popularidad entre la nueva generación, recuperando su inversión inicial de US$ 8 millones en sólo diecinueve semanas, además de ser nominado a varios premios Tony.