After the success of DIVAGUE, the first and only musical theatre magazine, we present our magazine website. Interviews, Recommendations, Large productions and all the information you could need. You’ll have access to not only the print versions of the magazine but also exclusive online content so that we can be closer to you and so that together we can share with the world the Argentine Art experience.

A Ricky Pashkus project, with general direction by Ricky Pashkus, Editing and Head of content by Guido Zaffora and Producion by RIMAS PRODUCCIONES.
“You create projects, you need them or you imagine them. Maybe perhaps we’ll be all these things together” Were the words of Ricky upon seeing the first steps of the online magazine.

DIVAGUE is a magazine dedicated to Theatre and to Musical Theatre, where the protagonist is the reader

The first number was released in 2015 and was always highly valued by the theatrical community. The countries most important figures have participated in the magazine. On it’s covers, you can find Florencia Peña, Nacha Guevara, Natalia Oreiro, Julio Chavez, Griselda Siciliani, Martin Bossi, amongst others.

The magazine deals with general and popular culture, where theatre is the protagonist in all senses, including great interviews, calendars, and sections which involve the artist showing us his work.

The distribution of the magazine is free, and is done amongst schools, journalists, and the general public. It is without a doubt a high volume magazine with a unique and attractive design.

Its beauty leads it to be collected and taken as a reference for the theatrical arts in Argentina.

In this 2020, our first number has on it cover the protagonists of the great success KINKY BOOTS, with photography by the recognized Gabriel Machado

We invite you to be a part of a magazine, which in one sense is niche as it specifically reflects the theatrical world but in an other expands the niche by making a way for others to learn about and belong in the community

Ricky Pashkus,

General Director.

I’ll add on to what Ricky Pashkus said, being a part of DIVAGUE is entering into the magical world of Theatre. We’re a young magazine with an expansive vision of the genere. Our magazine takes us to all corners of the the circuit, including commercial, alternative, oficial, and independent. Apart from this it has a design which promotes art, It’s attractive every way you look at it.

From a creative, powerful, dynamic, and adjourned team.

Welcome to DIVAGUE.

Guido Zaffora,

Editor in chief.

Creative Team


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guido zaffora

 editor in chief

general direction

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