Last night the “First Ladies of Musical theatre” was set in motion. The mega-concert which will bring together, on the Gran Rex theatre stage, the biggest musical theatre stars in Argentina.

Along with Ricky Pashkus and Pablo Gorlero (Creators of the event) and Gaby Goldman (Musical Director), the “First Ladies” passed along some details of what we’re going to see the 15thof December.

In concert format, accompanied by a live orchestra and chorus, renowned songs from the most recognized musicals in history will be interpreted, some already sung in our country and other being performed for the first time.

The complete cast is composed of Beatriz Bonnet, Vicky Buchino, Vanesa Butera, Candela Cibrian, Natalia Cociuffo, Laura Conforte, Ana María Cores, Lucía Galán, Sandra Guida, Karina K, Melania Lenoir, Florencia Otero, Marisol Otero, Marcela Paoli, Florencia Peña, Alejandra Radano, Elena Roger, Ivanna Rossi, María Rojí, Josefina Scaglione, Magalí Sánchez Alleno and Julia Zenko.